The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code (aka Ride-Along) is a new drama created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield) starring Jason Clarke (Brotherhood), Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights), Jennifer Beals (The L Word), Delroy Lindo (Romeo Must Die), Todd Williams (In Plain Sight), and Billy Lush (Generation Kill).   TCC films in and around the city of Chicago allowing for a more authentic feel to the show.   When it comes to Must See TV I rarely, if ever, get amped up over a cop drama.  It simply does not happen.  Now this doesn’t mean I don’t watch them.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t.   In fact I would often fall asleep after a long week on a Friday night at home to the former CBS show Numbers.  Yes I have no life.  And anyone who says they haven’t left it on USA during a NCIS marathon while they worked around the house is simply bulls**ting you.

But even though I admit to watching various cop drama’s from time to time I don’t seek them out and The Chicago Code was no different.   In fact with the litany of cop genre shows currently on the air I find myself feeling bad for any new ones that come down the pipeline.  It’s not enough to be a shoot em show or to be a solve in the next 45 minute show or to be an on-going mystery show.  No they have to be all three plus then some.  Because let’s face it right now there is not a single version of the cop drama that isn’t already on the air.  So let’s just say that from the start the cards are stacked against The Chicago Code.

So with all those cards it almost makes me wonder why producers even bother.  Why for the win of course.  It’s a little too early to determine if TCC falls into the win category.  I will admit that it helps that the show is shot in Chicago because for me there is nothing worse than a glamorized version of a crime scene.  It also helps when you have actors who compel you to watch them and believe in their characters no matter what the scenario.  Delroy Lindo and Jason Clarke have the honor of being those type of actors.   Whenever Lindo is on the screen you can’t but help but to sit up and take notice.  Good, bad, it doesn’t matter you watch him and you like him.

Unfortunately aside from a good cast and being shot on location nothing else about TCC sticks out for me.  Jennifer Beals plays Teresa Colvin the first woman Superintendent of cops who is bound and determined to bring the corruption in the city to a halt.  This includes going after the most powerful player in city politics, Alderman Ronin Gibbons and setting up an unofficial task force whose only job is going after corrupted politicians and police officers.  Of course since it is an unofficial task force right now it includes her ex-partner Jarek Wysocki (played by Clarke) who can not keep a partner more than 2 days, an undercover police officer in the Irish mob Liam Hennessey, and his new partner Caleb Evers who like most red blooded American males fancies a certain scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (you know the one so don’t even bother asking).

The good news is that after the been there, done that feeling had made itself known I still found myself intrigued at the budding storyline.  I found myself switching from the idea that this will probably be the only time I watch The Chicago Code to I might just be adding this show to my DVR schedule.  I said might, but for now my final rating is:

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Watch it on the internet! Not worth keeping up with but good enough to waste some work time.

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