Traffic Light

Some of you may know this new comedy created by Adir Miler and adapted for American television by Bob Fisher as Mixed Signals.  Frankly both titles suck but hey they never asked my opinion.  Something which I strongly urge them to reconsider the next time they are faced with a creative decision.  Traffic Light is about 3 buddies Mike, Adam, and Ethan all in different stages of their romantic lives.

Mike (David Denman) is the red light of the group or in this case the married guy with a new son who is so desperate for some me time that he hides out in his car watching movies.  Adam (Nelson Franklin) is the yellow light, the one whose girlfriend has recently moved in with him and doesn’t quite know how to deal with what it all means.  And lastly Ethan (Kris Marshall) is stereotypical single ladies man who is more interested in bedding a girl than dating her (which is hysterical in a completely non-humorous way considering the actor playing Ethan is not who I picture when I think ladies man).

So I have good news and I have bad news and being the sadist that I am I shall save the bad news for later.  The good news is if you like your humor a little on the dry side with a healthy dosage of sardonic wit thrown in for good measure this is a good show to check out.  I am warning you now if you are looking for a laugh out loud comedy complete with the ear grating laugh track this show is not for you.  And it has clowns, or well a clown, or well David Denham dressed up as a clown.  But same thing right?  However if you are into cheap laughs the height difference between the two couples is good for a few chuckles at least.  Bonus points for the use of the eternally annoying Chumbawamba song “Tubthumping”.

Now for the bad news.  Aside from the fact that each character appears to be nothing more than a card board cut out of a particular stereotype, the premise of the show felt flat and not well thought out.   Truth be told about 15 minutes in I found myself mentally tuning out.  I was so tuned out that from the 15 minute mark to the 18 minute mark I could not for all the money in the world tell you what happened or what was said or who was in the scene and I rewound the scene three times before throwing in the towel.  Now for the really bad news.  Traffic Light isn’t a bad show.  If it was then I would be able to take some enjoyment out of mocking it relentlessly.  Me and Heroes had some good times together that way.  But this show is dull and frankly it is hard to fix dull.   Hopefully they will be able to spice things up a bit and give the characters more depth.  Especially the women on the show because for right now the words “window dressing” spring to mind when thinking of them.

Although I fear the show will not see a second season I am giving Traffic Light a tentative:

Stream it:

Watch it on the internet! Not worth keeping up with but good enough to waste some work time.

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