Air Guitar Hits KC


2010 US Air Guitar Champion Romeo Dance Cheetah will perform a halftime show at the Crosstown Station in downtown Kansas City May 19. (Photo Credit: Zach McNees) 

“Kansas City is one of the few cities we didn’t hit last year that was added to this year’s US Air Guitar tour. We’ve had our eye on KC and we believe that this midwest metropolis of rock is ready for the next level.” – Kriston Rucker, Co-Commissioner of US Air Guitar



The worldwide hunt for the best air guitarist of 2011 begins in the U.S. in May, and Kansas City is slated third on a tour that will culminate in August at the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland.

US Air Guitar is the official organization responsible for crowning a US champion and sending the winner to Finland for world domination, and this year the tour stops in Kansas City on Thursday May 19 at the Crosstown Station.

The Crossroads Arts District is the perfect place to host the Kansas City US Air Guitar Regional because air guitar is one of the last pure unspoiled art forms in the world.

In the last two years, competitive air guitar has garnered plenty of national attention, selling out 1,200-seat theaters on the coasts, and appearing in ESPN, Time, and MSNBC. (See links below.) The documentary “Air Guitar Nation” also helped open the floodgates in 2007, and the star of that film, author/speaker BJÖRN TÜROQUE will be Master of Airemonies for the entire 2011 US tour.

Heading the three-person celebrity judging panel at the May 19 Kansas City competition  and the rest of the tour will be 2008 World Champion HOT LIXX HULAHAN. Past judges include Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and Jason Jones from “The Daily Show.”

And in an exciting development, last year’s US champion — the incomparable ROMEO DANCE CHEETAH — will wow the Kansas City crowd with a special halftime performance!

A qualifying heat held in January at the KC Rock and Metal Fest at the Uptown Theater saw two KC air guitarists make their way into the May 19 competition by beating all comers during the two-night festival. A man with a business suit and a mobile phone bigger than Gordon Gekko’s stock portfolio who calls himself The CorpAIRation won on night one, while fifty-something KC legend Johnny Rokker brought the heat, winning night two. Both are automatically registered to compete on May 19.

Other local air enthusiasts expected to enter on May 19 are hyperactive 2010 Las Vegas air guitar champ Mean Melin and the mysterious performance artist Peter ‘Stiff’ Dickens, who has been called on more than one occasion “the Andy Kaufman of air guitar.”

US Air Guitar shows are a theatrical combination of unbridled energy, heated competition, and pure insanity. You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event.



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