CinemaKC Partners with KSMO-TV to Launch Weekly Program Featuring Local Filmmakers

I’m extremely excited to announce KCMO’s partnership with CinemaKC to shine a light on local film makers. One important point is that any fan of film should set their DVRs starting now, to KSMO at 9:30PM on Saturdays. Help local film makers reach 30,000 viewers allowing the show to continue on to Season 2.

KANSAS CITY, MO – CinemaKC  is partnering with KSMO-TV for a new weekly program showcasing local filmmakers airing every Saturday at 9:30pm starting March 26th. The program featuring short works of filmmakers living in the Kansas City area will air 14 consecutive weeks.

The 30-minute program includes interviews with local filmmakers and vignettes from documentary films, student-produced films, animation and much more. KSMO-TV station staff came up with the idea after reading about the creation of CinemaKC,  an organization that promotes local filmmakers.

“CinemaKC is a program whereby filmmakers are pitching in to help other filmmakers,” says Producer Jerry Rapp.  “We recognize that we are making professional level films here in the Midwest that deserve a chance at worldwide recognition.  Through our broadcast and web-channel, we hope to accomplish just that. We are thrilled to be working with KSMO and support their vision for making their station a centrifuge for the arts. Many talented filmmakers in this city will benefit greatly from this program. “The program will showcase filmmakers such as Ty Jones, Patrick Rea and Anthony Ladesich. “We strongly believe that our area is producing short films as good as any being made in the nation.  We’re excited because this program will allow thousands of people to see these works and appreciate our filmmakers”, says John Shipp, CinemaKC  founder.

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