Movie Review: Limitless

What would you do if you had the ability to take a pill every day that would kick your brain into gear? No, we are not talking about those energy drinks that just wire people for a while and then they crash hard, this is a prescription pill that will take your brain from a functionality of 10-20% like we use now, and pump it up to 100%. How great is that? The story of Limitless is just that. Eddie (Bradley Cooper) is a writer in desperate need of a change. He looks depressed and appears to be omitting showers on most days. He runs into an ex-brother in law who used to deal a bit of drugs back in the day. Now it appears that he has his life on track, wearing nice suits, handing out business cards and looking well. He offers a single pill to Eddie, free of charge. He tells him that it is FDA approved to increase brain power with no side effects.

Eddie is reluctant, but seeing how desperate his situation is, now that his long time girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) just left him because of his life or lack there of he swallows the pill. Withing thirty seconds he can feel the sensation, colors are brighter, the world comes into focus and he can quickly recall the most asinine details of things from his past. The pill is only known as NZT 48. He too uses this pill to rid himself of writer’s block and bust out an entire book over night, most likely error free.

After an experience like that, most would go back for more. Is it really any different to be addicted to a substance that increases brain power verses own that serves to deplete it? He uses this pill to better his life until some people who are also after the drug begin to track him down and then the film turns into a bit of a chase.

I really enjoyed Limitless. Not that I wasn’t expecting to, with the plot alone, I was sold. I was also once again impressed by the performance of Robert DeNiro after a few terrible picks on his part. Little Fockers, I am looking at you. Bradley Cooper also proved that he can hold down the front man lead in an action thriller, and swoon the ladies with those big baby blues. The suspense worked really well as this was mostly a unique story that no one had really seen before.

In the end, the summary for the pill was just like every other pill that goes through FDA. The hopes of getting a great drug out there for everyone to improve themselves is instead kept hidden in the pockets of politics and the lobbyist who will push it. Although, there is a much better ending for Eddie and his life.

I give Limitless 4 “Math becomes useful, and fun” out of 5


by Angela Davis


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