Lost in Previews TV Edition: The Killing

Let’s face it, AMC has been on a critical roll since the Summer of 2007 with the premiere of Mad Men and then they added Breaking Bad, Rubicon, and critical and rating’s smash The Walking Dead.   Granted Rubicon wasn’t watched by many people and it was cancelled after only 1 season, but for those of us who watched the show, well, we miss it and wish it were still with us.  Now they have chosen to add the crime drama The Killing to their arsenal a series that gained it’s foundation off of the Danish series.

The Killing follows the murder of Rose Larsen and the after effects of the horrible crime from the grieving family to the investigators who are trying to solve the case.  If you ask me the show sounds eerily similar to another serial crime drama called Twin Peaks and we all know what happened to that show after the murder was solved.   But the ride getting there was pretty damn awesome so I for one am willing to give this show a shot.

The Killing premieres on April 3rd on AMC.

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