Lost in the Web: The Guild

The Guild is a web series created by Felicia Day about the lives of an online guild called “The Knights of Good.”  If you aren’t familiar with who Felicia Day is then you are one of the few who have not discovered the awesomeness that is Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog — which coincidentally, has The Guild to thank for being one of Joss Whedon’s inspirations.   Aside from guest starring on numerous programs, Day is also known for her role as one of the many newly awakened slayers in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

For those of you who, like me, are not overly familiar with the world of online gaming, a guild is a group of players who play together on the same MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Video Game).  In the case of The Guild, the name of the game is never disclosed to keep from having to deal with copyright issues.  When I think of people playing online games such as World of Warcraft or EVE Online, I can not help but to picture socially awkward young men and women sitting at their desks, starring at a their computer screens hour after hour.  But after spending the past two nights watching the past 4 seasons, I have learned that on some level I was right in my prejudgment — but I was also totally and completely wrong.  I dare you to watch and not come away with a girl crush on Codex. And who among us can not say that they don’t have a friend like Zaboo?  Ah, Zaboo, will you ever get your heart’s desire or will the douche-y Fawkes try to win Codex back?  Will Mr. Wiggly ever get fed up with Clara’s gaming?  Will Vork get food poisoning from the giant tub of mayonnaise?  Oh, the questions, the questions — and Season 5 isn’t even out yet.

You see people, that is what happens after watching this quirky, freaky, sad, hysterical, web series obsession.  OK, granted it wasn’t until the second season that I really became invested in the series; but considering the first season took maybe an hour to watch, I’m not gonna complain.  Plus, the pacing in the first couple of webisodes goes by rather quickly, and by the time the mind has caught up with what the eyes saw, they are already on webisode 5.  Luckily, it was around that time that the cast and the writer(s) seemed to catch their groove, and from there the remaining webisodes flowed quite nicely.  I did have a few issues with the third season’s storyline, but I understood it’s necessity. Well, that and the need to introduce douche-y Fawkes to the mix.  But even for The Guild’s few faults, it was still some of the more enjoyable viewing time that I have spent in a while.  You can catch up on all four current seasons by going to Watch the Guild.

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