SXSW: Girl Walks Into a Bar Red Carpet Interview

Red Carpet premieres are so fun, but very daunting as you are crammed into a six inch square with many people around you fighting for the attention of the talent. On top of that, this particular crew was running later than late. They have to be late to be cool, I guess, but they showed up four minutes before their movie was set to premiere. However, the mood immediately lightened when we began to speak and caught on to how laid back everyone was. First we spoke to Danny DeVito, who really is as short as you think. He sported an over sized suit and crocs on his feet. We also spoke with the Director, Sebastian Gutierrez about his choice to make this movie entirely free on YouTube for the first time ever and where it might take film from here. Carla Gugino and Rosario Dawson were both looking great together and in great spirits. Rosario pointed out my full name and seemed to fall in love with me for that alone. Watch the red carpet premiere for Girl Walks Into a Bar and then watch the entire film for free on YouTube posted below.

by Angela Davis

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