Movie Review: HOP

You know that when you saw the trailer for HOP, you said, “aawww” to the enormous amounts of fluffiness that was before your eyes. It’s understandable, I too was overcome with gushy feelings of child-like wonder and just had to check it out. HOP is the story of a young teenage bunny set to inherit the throne of the almighty Easter Bunny, but when his father, THE Easter Bunny tries to straighten him up for the job, E.B. decides to runaway to Hollywood and pursue his dream of playing drums professionally.

E.B., voiced by Russell Brand, gets taken in by Fred O’Hare (James Mardsen) after being quite literally run over by Fred’s car. The two immediately have a lot in common, but don’t exactly get along. Fred is frantic because he needs a job and is house sitting at the moment and E.B. is snarky, messy and comedic with his witty banter. Russell Brand has hit a high streak lately with the success of Get Him to the Greek. Now, with him voicing the star of this film and Brand starring in Arthur opening next week, how long before we all say enough? Personally, I hope it’s not too soon, because he’s alright in my book.

The animation is what really stood out most in this film, particularly the scenes that take place in the candy making factory. The use of color was like the Keebler Elves were throwing up all over the screen. I’m sure the kids loved it. In fact, the screening I sat in full of little elves, I mean kids, was full of laughter and smiles from the little ones. Isn’t that all that really matters? I heard some gripes from the adults that were dragged to the screening that they wanted to physically harm themselves before having to watch this film again. Well, the film wasn’t made for you. Not every film can be Inception. There are occasional times when a film is made purely for kids, no hidden adult jokes, no even darker hidden dirty jokes.

HOP is the quintessential family film and I expect it will do well in the box office opening this weekend. The jokes are cheesy and the animation is bright and bold. The songs are light-hearted and short and the villain is just a cute little chick, voiced by Hank Azaria. My only complaint is that the ninety minute run time did seem to have the kids stirring a bit in their seat by the end, but it was just due to a lag in the third act before the final showdown. Still, if I had a kid, or had to babysit one this weekend, I would take them to see HOP, it’s not bad if you let yourself go and just be a kid again.

I give HOP 3.5 “bunnies will be the new puppy” out of 5

by Angela Davis


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