Series Premiere: Happy Endings

Well crap.  That was 21 minutes wasted.  Yeah that’s right, I said wasted.  Man oh man, was that promo they put out a couple of months ago misleading.  You know that feeling you get when you’re watching a movie on the big screen for the first time, and half way through it hits you that you saw all the best parts in the trailer the other day while you were waiting for Wipeout to come on?  Well that’s how I felt while I was watching the premiere of Happy Endings.  What a let down.   They should be ashamed of themselves for luring me in under false pretenses.  I really and truly thought this was going to be a good show.   And I gotta say, I don’t like to be wrong.

At first I thought maybe the reason I didn’t like the new romantic ensemble comedy created by David Caspe was because Dave played by Zachary Knighton (Flash Forward) was so loud and over the top that he just sucked the energy out of every scene he was in.  I kept hoping he would tone it down but he never did.  That man had one gear and it was 5th.  Then I thought maybe it was because the premise of the show went over my head.  No not in the I-Dont-Understand-What-They-Are-Talking-About way but the idea of two people who were going to get married but one of them got left at the altar only to decide they are willing to remain friends barely a week later that had me flummoxed.

I know that if I got left at the altar the last thing on my mind would be making friends with the jerk that left just so a few friends could remain friends.  Oh sure I may change my mind months and months later but definitely not as fast as these two go all happy and smiley again.  Of course with the friends they I have I’m not sure I would be too keen on getting them back altogether.  I may just have to let them go in the custody battle.

We have one friend who is so desperate to get married (can we say cliche?) that she is not only willing to lie about her age… sorry side note here, but are we really back to women lying about their age?  I mean do they really expect us to believe that as women if we don’t meet the love of our life before 30 it’s possible we never will?  Please.  Ok, sorry about that so anyway, she lies about her age but also about her religion.  Come on who does that?  I will admit that when I was in elementary school I too wanted to be Jewish but that was only because in my school the Jewish students were allowed to miss school on days that I wasn’t.  So I wanted to be Jewish too.  Unfortunately my parents didn’t see the logic in changing religions just so I could have a few extra days off.

Instead of having a token black character (don’t worry this show has that too) we have the token gay man.  The token gay man who likes to say that everything is gay but not in a cute, charming way but in the “that’s so gay” way.  Here’s a guy who hits on his friend’s date while she is sitting there mind you.  Um…no honey you may have him in the divorce, it’s ok really I insist.

Which brings us to the one and only married couple of the group because of course the show needs a stable married couple to show everyone else what true happiness looks like.  Blech…sorry involuntary reflex.  This is also where the token black man comes in to play.  Now I will say that out of the entire group Brad and Jane, played by Damon Wayans, Jr. and Eliza Coupe, are my favorite if only because neither of them seem to be trying as hard as the rest to make their characters work.   Unfortunately they just aren’t enough reason in my book to keep watching and on that note my final rating is:

Cancel It:

This show is the walking dead, so get out your zombie killing tools and end it’s undead existence.

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