The unmitigated disapointment that is Chaos

I dislike being wrong.  I dislike it immensely.  No even that doesn’t stress the point in which I am trying to make.  I loathe, despise, hate being wrong.  Almost as much as I despise losing and ladies and gentlemen I was wrong.   You may remember back in February a little Lost in Previews post I did showcasing CBS’s latest edition.  Well in that write up I clearly stated that I was planning on tuning in on the merit of the promo alone.  I should have stopped there.

Where did the funny go I ask?  I write this not more than 10 minutes after the show finished and I can’t remember anything about what happened.  Yes it was and is that forgettable.  Of course in their defense they may have been going for just that considering that I suspect those working for the CIA don’t want to be memorable.  However some one should tell them that this is a dramedy and being memorable is a good thing.  Actually it is a great thing when you are trying to get people to tune in next week.

In the CIA there are different branches that serve different purposes with in the agency.  New agent Rick Martinez has been assigned the ever popular task of narc or mole or stool pigeon or tattle tale.  The one thing he is most definitely not is a spy.  Although that is not what the director of Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services (CAOS-Chaos cute right? Insert rolling eyes here) CIA Director H.J. Higgins (Hey look it’s Forman’s dad!) wants Martinez to believe.  Higgins assigns Martinez to the Office of Destructive Services in the hopes that he will come up with enough wrongful doings in the hands of the other agents of ODS so the program can be cut.

A bunch of other boring ass crap happened and quite frankly I pretty much gave up paying any real type of attention to the show about 27 minutes in.  What can I say a pile of laundry was begging to be put in the washing machine.  No really, it was kind of pathetic the way it was going on and on about just sitting there.  I mean come on how could I say no to that?  Trust me if you had had to choose between watching this show and laundry you would have chosen the laundry too.

About the one and only bright spot was English actor James Murray formally of Primeval (love, love, love that show).  I know you thought I was going to say Tim Blake Nelson but he was woefully under used as the….wait for it….. Human Weapon.    Apparently so skilled is he at the art of hand to hand combat that little Tim Blake Nelson is a human weapon.   Yeah I know that it’s fiction and all that but even fiction has to be believable and to me the idea that the same guy that gave us Delmar and Samuel Sterns could take a group of terrorist.  Sorry not  happening and not funny.   As far as the rest of the gang goes….eh.   Maybe I should give it another chance, but I have better things to do like my laundry.  My final rating is:

Cancel It:

This show is the walking dead, so get out your zombie killing tools and end it’s undead existence.

Until next time,
Mendie Murray

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