THOR THURSDAYS: The Fantastical world of THOR

Were back again with this weeks installment of THOR THURSDAY. Since we’re a little late with the post today will be leaving the entry form up for the next 24 hours from the first time of publication.

This week were taking a look at the world of THOR. THOR is unique being that it is one of the more fantastical comics that has been made into film out of the recent crop popular comic book based films. With Spider-Man, Batman and Iron Man all containing bits of whiz bang gadgets and action they’re all firmly rooted in their very earth bound stories and in one of those cases (Spider-Man) once normal, if not totally normal (Batman, Iron Man) human beings. Thor on the other hand is a little different. The books split time between Asgard and Earth or as Earth is called in the Thor universe Midgard. Asgard is described in the Marvel Universe Wiki as a “small planetary body that serves as home to the Norse gods such as Thor and their ruler Odin.” Asgard actually resides on a different dimensional plane than Earth/Midgard. Thus Thor is really the first comic book film of recent memory that ties in other dimensions and worlds thus putting it squarely into the fantastic realm compared to the more grounded in reality tales we’ve grown used to.

It seems both realms Asgard and Midgard will be featured in THOR when it releases on May 6. To what extent? Its been tough to tell for certain based on the footage released for the film thus far. The few clips released all seemingly contain action from Thor’s time on Earth. I guess will all know for certain in a few weeks time. Now on to what I know most of you have been waiting for: the screening entry form! (Please note that the standard contest entry rules apply.) The answer to the question must be correct, and only one entry per houehold/email, thus if you entered last week, don’t enter again this week. Keep it fair for everyone.

This weeks contest is now closed. Check back next week for the third and final THOR THURSDAY for your final chance to win a pass for two to see THOR!
Here is a bouns THOR clip:

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