Podcast: Almost Locals Only Cars 2, Tree of Life & Bad Teacher

This week on the podcast John and Nat are joined by our guest host Mr. Dan Lybarger who fills in for Shannon. We waste no time jumping right into a discussion about Disney/Pixar’s latest Cars 2 and Bad Teacher. Nat and Dan then get serious and have an in depth talk about Terrance Malick’s Palme d’Or winning Tree of Life. Are any of those three films worth seeing? Find out on the podcast. In Cinema News and Views its unfortunate that with another week comes another death with Peter Falk passing at the age of 83. In lighter fare we discuss Spy Kids All the Time in the World getting a “4D” release featuring “Aromascope”. We close out Cinema News and Views with a quick note about LA Film Fest winner Wish me Away which has a Kansas City connection. Trailer Vs. Trailer teeters on the brink of obscurity taking another week off.  Will it return on the next episode? Will see…we close out the podcast discussing what we watched including Game of Thrones, Page One, Beginners, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop,  Monster Dog, Chungking Express and Veronica Mars.

What is Almost Locals Only?  It’s a podcast discussing the latest film releases, movie news, and more.

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A quick programing note. With this next weekend being the 4th of July holiday will be taking the week off. Will return the weekend of July 11 with reviews of Transformers Dark of the Moon and Horrible Bosses.

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