Blu Monday: Dr. Who, The Music Room and many more

This week on Blu Monday, we cover a range of films. We guarantee there is at least one choice for everyone this week. First is a DVD that released last week, Insidious. Directed by James Wan, the director of the first SAW film. The one that most people liked. All you really need to know is that it is a scary film but most could still handle it. Watch the video for more information. Next up we cover the latest Blu-Ray from Dr. Who. Series Six, Part One. Lost in Reviews is quite the fan of all things Dr. Who. We also have Limitless starring Bradley Cooper this week on Blu-Ray. This was such a fun and fantastic film that everyone should at least seek the film out to see once.

Take Me Home Tonight and Boyz N The Hood are out 80’s flicks this week. Take Me Home Tonight is more of an homage to the eighties starring Topher Grace where as Boyz N The Hood was actually made in 1991, so it’s closer to being an eighties film. Last but not certainly not least this week is Criterion Collection’s release of Satyajit Ray’s 1958 The Music Room.

Watch our video review to hear a plethora of information about all of these films. Also, check out our interviews with James Wan for Insidious and Leigh Whannell for Insidious. Also be sure to check out our video interview with Topher Grace for his film, Take Me Home Tonight.

by Angela Davis and Ryan Davis

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Angela is the Editor-in-Chief of Lost in Reviews. She and Ryan created Lost in Reviews together in 2009 out of a mutual hatred for all the stodgy old farts currently writing film reviews. Since launching the site, Angela has enjoyed reviewing indie films over all other films, picking up new music from all corners of the world and photographing live shows. She is the co-host of Blu Monday and a member of the Kansas City Film Critic Circle.

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