Lost in Previews: The Amazing Spider-Man (Updated)

The Amazing Spider-Man‘s first trailer has popped up on one of my favorite trailer sites, Movie-List.  Considering The Dark Knight Rises will be released in the theatres around the same time as The Amazing Spider-Man and the San Diego Comic Con is about to start, I guess the trailer would be expected.  Alas, this is not a teaser trailer.  Many of the actors that are in this film are in this trailer.  Of course, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are in the trailer, but also Dennis Leary, Rhys Ifans, Campbell Scott, Embeth Davidth, Sally Field, and Martin Sheen. Marc Webb is directing.  The most interesting part of the trailer is the last sequence where the viewer is put in the perspective of Spider-Man.  I can see some people getting sick over this if it is seen on the big screen or in 3D.  It looks good, but it still seems like a rehash of the original Spider-man with some changes.

UPDATE:  I added the video of Andrew Garfield introducing the panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2011.  Very cool.  You can tell he is really stoked about his role, the movie, and being at Comic Con.

There is no official synopsis yet.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in theatres July 3, 2012.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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