Interview with “Sarah’s Key” Author, Tatiana de Rosnay

In support of the film, Sarah’s Key, author Tatiana de Rosnay was in Dallas to promote the film adaptation of her novel.  Lost in Reviews had the chance to sit down with Tatiana and discuss her book and the film.  It was enlightening to talk to the author of the book a film is based on since everything about the story originated with her.  Tatiana discusses how the film came about and her involvement in the process, how she chose the subject matter, and her more recent novels.  She also let us know at least one of her other novels is going to be a film, and she hopes many more of them will.  After the interview, Tatiana inquired about the name of our website, asking if it was because of Lost in Translation (Yes, it is).  She then said she loved Sofia Coppola’s latest film, Somewhere.  And yes, Tatiana is very French!  I loved meeting her.

Sarah’s Key is in theatres July 29, 2011.  Lost in Reviews will have a review of the film very soon.


by Sarah Ksiazek

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