Torchwood: Miracle Day

 For most of us I suspect death is an abstract idea.  We know it’s there in the background but we choose not to think about it.  It’s an event that will one day happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it. For some the idea of death is something to fear, for others it is something to embrace.  When someone close to us has died we mourn their loss and we feel their absence from our lives.  A hole opens up in our soul that can never be truly filled again.  But death also brings a feeling a nonchalance as though it can’t really touch us.   Everyday we see on the news that more and more people are dying from wars, hunger, disease, murder, and so forth and so on and we sit in our comfy chairs with our beverages in hand and a cigarette hanging from our mouths thinking to ourselves “oh how tragic” before changing the channel to the latest episode of Jersey Shore or Teen Mom.  Hardly ever is death looked at as a necessary, if not crucial, part of life.  So what happens when suddenly everyone on Earth stops dying?  For most people the first initial reaction would be that it is a miracle.  For a few people, however, it would be a sign of impending doom.  If you are one of those that’s first instinct is to list all the bad that it could mean you probably belong with the people who make up Torchwood.

For those of you who don’t already know Torchwood is a spinoff of  the British sci-fi show Doctor Who.  I have found that people in America tend to fall under 2 categories: Those who watch British television and those who don’t.  Luckily for them some positively brilliant person over at Starz had the forethought to bring Torchwood across the pond.  Being one of those people who watch British television I was outwardly skeptical that they wouldn’t be able to keep what made Torchwood, Torchwood.  Forgive me, but I don’t know how else to explain it.  In fact, I remember quite clearly upon hearing the news exclaiming “WTF?!?  They have got to be frakking kidding me, ugh!”  But when there were rumblings regarding whether or not John Barrowman would be returning as the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness because they weren’t sure how American audiences would react to the fact that the character is an out and proud bisexual I got out my placards and pitchforks.  Luckily someone decided that we could handle it just fine and there was probably a good chance that any one who did have a problem with Captain Jack’s love life probably wouldn’t be watching the show any way.  Which brings us to the present day and the premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

 I tried to watch Miracle Day with a critic’s eye, I really did, but try as I might I could not silence the fan in me.  Because of this I decided to wait until we got a few episodes in before giving my opinion on series 4 of the show.   I could have treated it like a new show but that would be to ignore the history that came before it and I could not bring myself to do so.  Ianto deserved better than that.  If you don’t know who Ianto is go to Netflix get the first 3 series, don’t worry it’s a British show which means that 3 series worth of episodes only get’s you to 31 and that’s a lot for them.

So we are now 3 episodes in to Miracle Day and I still don’t know how I feel about it.  I know it’s not fair to the series but it isn’t my Torchwood, not really and try as I might I can not for the life of me put my finger on what seems off.  Captain Jack is as awesome as ever.  The mystery and suspense is still there.  The show is moving along at a good clip, it seems neither forced or stagnant.  The wry British humor is as present as ever.  The new additions to the cast are fitting in nicely.  Plus since it is on Starz it has the added bonus of being a bit racier than usual.  I say a bit because the British may not be known for their ability to outwardly express their emotions (this is the general consensus at least and not a judgement) they are not known for being prudes on their television shows.  So if Miracle Day is firing on all cylinders why am I not feeling it?

As of this writing the latest episode aired 4 days ago and I can not seem to get past this sentence.  I literally (I hate that word, but here it fits) can not think of a thing to write about the show.  Is it just me or does that speak more to my feelings on the show than anything else could?  Yeah I think so too, so I am ending this review there.  Hey it’s not pretty, it’s not eloquent, but it does speak volumes.  Sorry Torchwood fans I tried, I really did.  My final rating for Torchwood: Miracle Day is…

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