Arctic Monkeys and Young Buffalo at the Palladium

Arctic Monkeys and Young Buffalo at the Palladium in Dallas, Texas on August 1, 2011

Young Buffalo is a band that I had never heard of before being asked to review this concert.  There are so many little known bands nowadays.  I do not listen to radio much anymore due to the fact that Dallas does not have a decent alternative station.  Most of the music I have found recently is because of friends’ recommendations, hearing it somewhere on the internet, or in a movie.  Going to a concert and getting surprised by an opening band is another way.

I looked up Young Buffalo prior to the concert at the Palladium in Dallas, Texas.  Two of the band members look pretty young, like not old enough to legally drink.  I could not find their actual ages on any of their official internet sources, but I think taking a glance at a band picture is enough to convince you of how young they are.  Should this deter you from giving them a listen?  Hell no.  You should be more impressed.  Jim Barrett, Ben Yarbrough, and Alex Von Hardberger make up the Young Buffalo trio.  They hail from Oxford, Mississippi, and started as a band in 2009.  Their first EP, Young Von Prettylips, was just released last month with five tracks.

I am not going to lie.  I missed the first ten minutes of the thirty minute set.  There was some mix up with a photo pass I was supposed to have, and I got inside later than I had planned.  It was a really short set, even for an opening band, but I guess when you only have five tracks to play with, that limits your stage time.  Two of the band members actually exchange what instruments they play (drums and guitar) based on what song will be played.  I have not seen that too often.  The song that absolutely blew me away was “Bury Me.”  As I listen to it now, I can honestly say that it sounds better live.  That never happens.  The band as a whole harmonizes very well live.  It is hard for me to describe what other bands they sound like because of my limited music collection, but I think maybe they sound a little like Kings of Leon.  Maybe it is because they are both southern bands.  If you hate KOL, please still give them a listen.  Below is a video for “Catapilah.”

I was forewarned that the Arctic Monkeys put on a good live show, and I was not let down.  The only Arctic Monkeys song I knew of prior to the concert was “Fluorescent Adolescent” as 96.5 The Buzz in Kansas City played it incessantly when it was new.  The Dallas concert was their first stop on their US tour.  The band formed in England in a suburb of Sheffield called High Green.  The band is currently made up of members Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders, and Nick O’Malley.  They are pretty damn good live.  Even not knowing any of the songs but one, it was a really good time.  Lead singer Alex kind of looks like a young Mick Jagger with his hairstyle right now.  I happen to really like English bands that have singers that sound English when they sing, and Alex does.  There were some hardcore fans around me for the show.  Alex came out wearing a black leather jacket, and finally took it off about half way through the show.  Two guys next to me freaked out when he took the jacket off.  “I knew he was going to take it off!” was one of the things said.  These were straight guys that were perhaps just a little drunk.  I also saw a father with his 10 year old daughter, both jamming away to the set.

Do not ask me about set lists.  I know this would be helpful, but I am probably not the person you want to get that information from.  They did play “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” and their new single “The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala.”  Their stage setup was sparse with just a few light stands behind them that either flooded the stage with rich light or had some strobe lights going off.  They had one encore where they played the aforementioned song that I actually know.

All in all, it was an excellent concert on a hellish hot night in Dallas.

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by Sarah Ksiazek

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