Kanrocksas Day 2 Photo Gallery!!!

It’s day two of Kanrocksas!!! Congratulations you made it out of day one alive. Day two is a whole other animal, they turned up the heat and released a “Sabertooth Tiger”. The line up of day two has added up to what dreams are made of and you can see all the action in the photo-gallery below. It’s 7:00 PM, the sun’s about to go down, soon Muse will take the stage, but until then here are all the highlights from the day’s activities. Keep checking back with this page for more pictures of day two at The Kanrocksas Music Festival.

By Ryan Davis

photos by Angela Davis and Kelly Powell

About Ryan Davis

Ryan is the Founder of Lost in Reviews, a member of The Kansas City Film Critic's Circle, and a key component in the movement to digitally restore the 1986 classic film The Gate. Ryan is also the co-host of Blu Monday a DVD and Blu Ray review show which Lost in Reviews co-founder Angela Davis also appears. While he may be a film and music snob, that doesn't mean you can't be friends. Well it could if you don't like the same bands or films he does, overall it might be best to avoid the subject all together.

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