Lost in Previews TV Edition: A Gifted Man

What if Jennifer Love Hewitt was a guy? Now imagine this guy looks exactly like the guy who played Josh in 2011’s Insidious.  Ok now that you have that picture in your head put him in a doctor’s lab coat.  Got it?  Good.  Oh wait did I mention he can also see dead people?  I didn’t? Well he can.  I bet you are thinking to yourself this sounds eerily like the cancelled CBS show Ghost Whisperer.  Well you would be wrong, kind of.   This time the Haley Joel Osment wanna be is played by Patrick Wilson and is not so much a kind-hearted soul wanting to do right but an arrogant jackass who is guided by his recently departed ex-wife to become a better man.  Apples, oranges.  Oh yeah and there is a little thing about how he doesn’t try to save souls but lives.  Basically Ghost Whisperer meets St. Elsewhere.

A Gifted Man premieres on CBS on September 23, 2011 at 8pm Eastern time.

by Mendie

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