Blu Monday: Red State and Sons of Anarchy Season 3

First up on Blu Monday I have Sons of Anarchy Season 3. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the biker melodrama the story follows The Sons of Anarchy a gang based out of Northern California and its VP Jax (Charlie Hunnam). While Jax is in high ranking amongst the gang his loyalty has grown weary from season one to three. Beyond loyalty to a gang that Jax is struggling to believe in, with season three he is pushed to new emotional limits when his son Able is kidnapped and his mother Gemma (Katey Sagal) is framed for murder. There are so many twists and turns in Season Three of Sons of Anarchy that seeing it a second time is a must to prepare for the new season to come.

In this Blu Ray release even more secrets are revealed through extended episodes. While the total content on the three extra scenes doesn’t add up to much it includes a bit of back-story and cleans up a few loose ends. Though I wouldn’t go out and buy season three just based on the extended content it does add to the series’ rewatchability.

Along with the 13 episodes and extended scenes the special features themselves are worth a watch. With glimpses into season four added on top of your typical Blu Ray special features, the release adds that much more to a great season of Sons of Anarchy.

Sons of Anarchy is a great show and well worth the watch. At first glance it may not seem like the show has much to offer, but once you get going it’s definitely worth the ride. The show has just as much entertainment value as The Sopranos and I would highly suggest that anyone who hasn’t seen the series give it a chance and with season three now on Blu Ray what better time than now to catch up on a great show. I give Sons of Anarchy Season 3 a BUY IT.

Next up on Blu Monday I have Red State while the DVD and Blu Ray release is a bit off you can catch the Kevin Smith film on demand right now. Red State is a horror film loosely based on the Phelps family and other fundamentalist religious groups. In any case, the psychotic religious church in Smith’s film goes a bit further than holding up signs in front of funerals and concerts. As it turns out they have been kidnapping people and sending them to hell. The trip to hell usually consists of a bullet to the head while wrapped in saran wrap, who knew.

All is going well for Abin Cooper (Michael Parks) and his Five Points Church until the murder of a local police officer sends the ATF and Agent Joseph Keenan (John Goodman) to Cooper’s front door. Throw in a massive fire fight and a good old government cover up and you have Red State.

Well mostly the end of the film has a set of twists that send the gritty horror film into a whole other world. This is where I had problems with Red State while I won’t reveal the ultimate conclusion to the film I have to say it was disappointing. Right when the film seemed to be sprinting at full pace it is dramatically cut off at the knees. While I did enjoy the ride up until it’s lackluster conclusion, I still can’t recommend it. I am a firm believer that all film lives and dies based on the final conclusion and Red State is a perfect example of this. An ending that had so much potential ends up feeling rushed and flat. As a fan of Kevin Smith I dismissed all the negativity surrounding the film and was excited to see how it would all play out. I didn’t have a problem with Cooper’s long winded sermon in the film’s beginning like most other critics, yes it could have been cut to a mere paragraph of dialog but it’s nothing that kills the momentum of the film. While the hype behind Red State will drag people in to see it and I hope the film does well I just can’t suggest that anyone waste their time. I’m giving Red State a SKIP IT.

Also releasing this week on DVD is A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. This tween musical twist on Cinderella stars Lucy Hale as Katie, a girl with dreams of pop superstardom. These dreams are suppressed by an evil stepmother; I think you know where it goes from there. The DVD is loaded with all the standard special features that you would expect from a teen musical DVD release. I have not seen the film and just wanted to let all our weary parents out there know that  A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song is ready for a mom van near you.

By Ryan Davis

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