Lost in Previews: 13

13 is about an underground game that bets on the chances of a person coming out alive.  The synopsis below pretty much summarizes what is going on in the trailer.  I am a little miffed at the beginning as to what era this takes place in based on how Statham is dressed, then I saw the electronic money counter.  Why is it called 13?  Because there are 13 men in the game.  The film stars Jason Statham, Sam Riley, 50 Cent, Mickey Rourke, Michael Shannon, Emmanuelle Chirqui, Ray Winstone, Ray Liotta, and Alexander Skarsgård.

“A desperate young man assumes a false identity in order to enter a high-stakes underworld game of Russian Roulette in order to pay off his debts. In this game of power, violence, and chance wealthy men gamble behind closed doors on the lives of shooters who take aim at each other, armed with nothing more than a bullet in the chamber.”

13 is in theatres in a limited release October 28, 2011.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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