Outlander May Still Become a Film (Or a Miniseries)

As I am heading to Scotland tomorrow for a vacation (where I plan on running through some stone circles), I thought it appropriate to post news on my favorite Scottish (fictional) man, Jamie Fraser.  Outlander author Diana Gabaldon has a new Facebook page.  Here is what she posted yesterday:

“So EVERYBODY (maybe a few _more_ than everybody) asks me “So what about a MOOOOOVIE?!?!” Well, here’s how it stands: The books have been optioned by Essential Entertainment, and they (EE) tell me that they’re pursuing development of both a feature film and a mini-series, and will see which of those projects looks most promising. They’ve hired Anne Peacock to write the script for the feature film, the script has been completed, and…that’s about all I know.”

Personally, I would be happier with a miniseries considering how large the book is and the potential to adapt all of the books into the series.  I just think there would be a lot left out if there is a movie version.

I took a look at Essential Entertainment’s website and they have produced/distributed some good films.  That bodes well for the Outlander project.  This does not mean that Outlander will ever become a reality as options do expire and the book can be optioned by another company.

Anne Peacock has written the script for a film version of Outlander.  Looking at IMDB, I believe Anne is spelled Ann.  Ann Peacock has written scripts for Nights in Rodanthe (really bad movie) and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe among others.

Here’s hoping Katherine Heigl is still not being considered as Claire.

P.S. Diana announced the title of book eight will be Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.

by Sarah Ksiazek


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