Whacked Flick Wednesday: “L.A. Zombie” or Gay Zombie Porn to Drink to

Whacked Flick Wednesday is a new semi regular feature here at Lost in Reviews. As long as YOU, the reader, provide me with content, or in this case there is a new DVD release, there will be a “Whacked Flick Wednesday” title for you our dear reader. I’ll give my thoughts on whatever ever I can, be it DVD, Netflix stream, bootleg DVD, YouTube video doesn’t matter. If it can be watched I’ll do so and report back. An added bonus of Whacked Flick Wednesday is that each post will contain drinking rules to follow while you watch the film.

So to kick off Whacked Flick Wednesday we have what might be a prime example of what I would describe as a whacked flick. In this case we have “Canadian bad boy” director Bruce La Bruce and his film L.A. Zombie. I’ll let the Synopsis take it away:

“Canadian bad boy Bruce La Bruce is back with a hyper-sexual analysis of contemporary gay culture with L.A. Zombie. Starring international porn star and model Francois Sagat, the film follows an alien zombie creature as he emerges from the sea and attempts to make sense of his new home, Los Angeles. After getting picked up by a surfer in a truck, a severe accident occurs that results in the surfer lying dead in the middle of the road. The alien zombie has sex with the dead man and brings him back to life. Wandering away from the accident, he finds himself among LA’s homeless population where it becomes increasingly unclear whether he really is an alien zombie or a schizophrenic suffering from delusions. Like a kind of dark savior, the alien zombie proceeds to find various dead men in the Greater Los Angeles area and bring them back to life. Part porn; part horror; part art film; part critique of superficiality in the gay world; all Bruce La Bruce!”- Strand Releasing

With a log line like that how could I say no to L.A. Zombie? Especially, when I feel I’m subject to a seemingly endless arms race of one-upmanship with friends and fucked up film offerings. L.A. Zombie was sure to be my trump card. Was it? Indeed it was and then some…those said friends couldn’t make it past the first ten minutes of L.A. Zombie. 

I like that director Bruce La Bruce is a straight shooter. In his director’s statement for L.A. Zombie he admits that he is an artist that works in porn and expresses his passion for “zombie porn.” La Bruce says: “Zombie porn is practical: you can create your own orifice!” I like where Mr. La Bruce is coming from. Reading his filmography it seems he has been pursuing the art of zombie porn for a while now. His film OTTO; or Up With Dead People was a Sundance Film Festival selection in 2008. L.A. Zombie was an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival and won an award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. La Bruce, who seems to have quite a cult following toes the line between “art film” and explicit porno. He has his films cut down for film fests and then inflated with a different title for the hardcore market. Though I really hesitate to call this cut version of L.A. Zombie anything less than gay “zombie porn.”

L.A. Zombie stars Francois Sagat as zombie. This isn’t really a film with great depth, though Sagat does take a stab at blurring the lines between a zombie, alien zombie and a schizophrenic homeless man. The film never really says and is completely devoid of dialog. The scenes pretty much progress from one sex scene to the next. Just know that he finds dead bodies, and after spending what feels like a really long time situating them ends up having penetrative sex with their open wounds. L.A. Zombie isn’t full on hardcore porn its more along the lines of something you’d catch late night on Skinemax but its best kept away from the kiddies and most certainly is for adults only.

So how whacked out is L.A. Zombie? Considering its pretty much straight up gay zombie porn, pretty whacked. I like the way the film was shot around Los Angeles with much of it feeling very much like gorilla film-making for the majority of the exterior scenes that take place in the film. That said I have a hard time recommending this if nothing stated before is anything that would interest you. Thankfully L.A. Zombie has a quick 62 minute run time making it perfect for the “late night party watch” to truly turn some heads.

What’s on the DVD? Not a whole lot, there is a trailer for OTTO; or Up With Dead People. A three minute trailer for L.A. Zombie; which is more or less a distilled sex free version of the film, and several other trailers for other films.

Drinking game instructions….

That’s right the more whacked the film, the more fun it is to drink to with friends.

Take a shot every time zombie spews his soy/chocolate sauce mixture on a “victim” (you’ll see…)

Take a drink every time the zombie is shown being driven down a tunnel in the back of a pickup truck.

Take two drinks every time the zombie is shown in human form.

Take a drink anytime there is on screen violence.

Take a drink, and keep drinking until the zombie finishes situating the corpse he is about to hump.

Do a shot every time you read the deceptive tag line on the DVD cover art.

I’m taking submissions for future installments of Whacked Flick Wednesdays in the comments below. Let me know what you’ve got.

By John Coovert

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