Review: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 deserves a rating of… Oh sorry, I like write some reviews by starting at the end — leaving you hanging on a ledge — then going back to the beginning later, giving you a feeling of satisfaction. This is exactly how Dices Battlefield 3 plays through. This game is pure satisfaction. I watched all the sneak-peak videos of the campaign and walkthroughs, and worried that this FPS would be like all the rest. I’m so tired of the same old Call of Duty games. However, being a man drowning in CoD style shooters, Battlefield 3 (BF3) is a breath of sweet, fresh air!

Lets start with the main hype — the amazing graphics promised to us from the start. They almost seem to good to be true. Yet, once you step out into the world that Frostbite and Dice gives us, you have to hold up your jaw to play. The scenery is detailed, the fighting looks real, and the destructible environment is actually destructible! It really brnigs you into the action, making you feel enveloped in what could be your own world. With these high caliber graphics comes the occasional lag with bump mapping, but altogether I never found a real issue with these truly stunning graphics.

The true experience in this game comes from the delightful campaign. Now, don’t confuse “delightful” with happy thoughts and unicorns. The campaign has action packed fights, in-depth cut scenes, and voice-overs that make BF3 violent, gritty and real . It’s not some cheap ‘tough guy’ performance, it just feels like real people in a real situation. In on scene, you feel like nothing can stop you and your M4A1 from destroying everyone. Moments later, you are out numbered, out gunned, and in danger having to replay the mission. The plot was thick with action, adventure, and moments of heartbreaking sadness. BF3 really proves itself with one of the best storylines I’ve played in a long time.

For many people in the world, Mulitplayer is the only reason to buy a game. Battlefield 3 can absolutely satisfy those gamers. To clarify here, this is not a Call of Duty-style shooter. You can’t just ‘gung-ho’ a victory by being a lone-wolf-killer. This games requires team work and strategy, which is great if that’s your style. The controls are pretty familiar to FPS fans, but has subtle changes to suit the player and game. The main online modes are “Conquest” and “Rush”. “Conquest” has two teams fighting to capture and hold each others flag points, whereas “Rush” has one team defending two points as the other team tries to take them as fast as possible. Then, of course, there’s Team Death Match. The factors separating this game from others are tanks, trucks, hummers, helicopters, and jets. Yes, you can now have ground combat and a dog fight in the air at the same time! The maps are big and fun, well laid out, and great for different styles of playing.

The weapon customization system is equally well planned and diverse. With different attachments and unlockables for each weapon, players can set up a class for just what they need. Admittedly, there are some rough spots when operating the vehicles in-game, but these can be overlooked as it all (astoundingly) manages to work even with everything else going on. The only true downfall to BF3‘s Multiplayer is that you can get a little bored if you don’t have a team or friends to work with. But hey, that’s what makes Battlefield its own game. Without that teamwork aspect, BF3 would be just another shooter.

If you want a game to capture and appeal to your senses, Battlefield 3 is a must -have. The campaign is stunning, the plot line is thick with emotion, and the beauty of the graphics will blow you away. If you need something to spice up an evening with friends, BF3‘s Multiplayer is your huckleberry; it has everything you could want from an online game for a ‘friends vs friends’ experience. The very few and minor issues with this game are too minute avert anyone from playing. Dice really pulled out all the stops for us with Battlefield 3. 

I give Battlefield 3 4.5 “hurdle-jumps” out of 5.

by Luke Wyatt


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