Win screening passes to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 in Kansas City! *CLOSED*

Win advance screening passes for you and a guest to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3!

Enter to win by telling us your best spook out moment while watching a scary movie. After submitting a ghost will follow you around for five days…or not, were not sure.

UPDATE 10/14 the screening date has changed to Wednesday 10/19, time remains unchanged. Screening will be held on Wednesday October 19 at 9:00PM at the Cinemark Merriam 5500 Antioch, Merriam, KS 66202

Contest closes on Monday October 17.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3  opens nationwide Friday October 21th.

Starting December 2, 2009 : PLEASE ONLY ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD/EMAIL. MULTIPLES WILL DISQUALIFY YOU. Multiple entries makes the random drawing unfair for others. giveaway rules and regulations

Bring the pass and arrive early! Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Passes do not guarantee seating. Theater is overbooked to ensure capacity.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Winners randomly selected. Limit one pass per entry. Pass admits two.

NICE JOB READERS! Here are some of the better entries we had….

My spook out moment would be while watching The Devils Rejects I heard noises outside so I turned off the lights in the room and looked out the window. I saw my neighbor’s zombie he had placed on his porch moving slowly in my back yard. I couldn’t beleive what I saw. I woke up my house mates and showed them what was going on in the yard. They thought I had someone outside moving it across the yard. Once they knew I had nothing to do with it. One of themwent outside to see what the hell was going on. Well the zombie was being dragged by 1 maybe 2 racoons. Hell no. Never again will I watch a scary movie at 2AM and especially not with 420 and Jack.

I love scary movies but Im terrified of them. My friends always invite me because I make them laugh during the movie with all my jumpiness and eyes covering. I remember at one movie I got scared so bad the I actually kicked the person in front and beside me from jumping so bad.At least I make the movie enjoyable for my friends at I my expense!!

In college, they were showing Jurrassic Park in he student union. I went with a friend who had not seen it before. On the part that Laura Dern gets the power back on an a Velociraptor breaks through the wall I grabbed her knee knowing it was coming. I had to rent the movie for her later on as she scremed so loudly and I was laughing too hard after.

when i watched scream1 for the first time it was on video, the beginning where he keeps calling her, the last time he calls back my phone rang, i jumped out of the chair

The best moment I can recall from a scary movie, was when I was watching Leprechaun. I was younger, and remember the scene of him jumping out of a closet. For years I always pictured him jumping out at me every time I went to open up a closet.

My best spooky moment happened after watching The Omen 2. My 2 girlfriends and I decided to go get something to eat before it got too late. As we left the apartment and got on the elevator to go to the lobby the elevator went two floors and it jerked and it seemed like it dropped 5 floors before it stopped. All we could do was think about the elevator scene in the movie where the doctor was cut in half by the elevator cable. So we screamed so loud that I think everyone on the plaza heard us. We were trapped in the elevator for 30 minutes until they fixed the problem. And to make matters worse one of us let out a little pee when the elevator stopped.

John Tuturro pulling his pants off in Revenge of the Fallen. It was a frightening sight.

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