Movie Review: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

There really is something special about dick and fart jokes, isn’t there? Done properly, they allow for mindless entertainment and nights full of side stitches from laughing so hard you scare the cat. I mean, in a media full of awful ideas and recycled trash, why not go with a format that is ticket sale gold time and time again? I mean, hell, Kevin Smith and his View Askew Productions has managed to make an entire career out of them. And if you think about it logically, Harold and Kumar really don’t stray too far from the Jay and Silent Bob path. Not that that is a bad thing.

The first time I saw Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle I was rather amazed by the wit involved in the script. At times, the tongue in cheek, racist humor reminded me of the envelopes Mel Brooks used to push, back when it was still funny to be politically incorrect. While the film followed the typical college humor format a la Porkies of sex, drugs and being a dick, the jokes seemed fresh and original, regardless of the fact that they could have been borrowed from both Nice Dreams or Half-Baked.

Long story short, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is just an updated version of White Castle. Having flash forwarded two years, we find Harold as a married and successful business man, giving up his party days for adulthood. Kumar however, has continued down the same path, finding his relationships broken and non-existent. During that two year gap, Harold & Kumar’s friendship has fallen apart as well. Harold has moved out and left Kumar alone in the apartment. Although, out of nowhere a package arrives for Harold at his old place. When Kumar drops it off, all hell breaks loose.

Over the course of the movie, a Christmas tree catches fire, a quest to replace it breaks out, the duo is almost raped, lit on fire and somehow they manage to shoot Santa in the head. Throw in Neil Patrick Harris, a wafflebot, 3D technology and plenty of racist jokes and you’ve got a quality Friday night. However, the film is not all fun and games. Somewhere, hidden very deeply underneath the cum stains and smoke rings, lies a deeper meaning. In the end, having watched the way Harold has grown, Kumar realizes that growing up might be in his best interest, as living his current life is selfish and no place to raise his potential kid. Huzzah!

Whether or not A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is comedy gold, really depends on your flavor of comedy. Chances are that my 86 year old grandma, who loves Abbott and Costello will probably not be raving about this film. However, if you want a simple, harmless film to waste an evening on, somewhere in the vein of Bad Santa and There’s Something About Mary, this might be your film.

Otherwise, just shut the fuck up and watch the new Footloose. That’s probably more your style.

I give A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas 2 waffles out of 5

by Joshua Hammond

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