Lost In Previews: Bellflower

Here at Lost In Reviews, we have talked plenty about one of our favorite films this year, Bellflower. Well, a new trailer is available for your viewing pleasure. Coatwolf Productions has recently released an unreleased version, in case you saw something about the film before. This is from Evan Glodell himself:

“This is the original trailer i wrote for Bellflower in 2003 before the first draft of the script was even finished. When Bellflower sold earlier this year we got the script back out and decided to make it. We all liked it, but it made me so uncomfortable that i buried it.

Time has gone by, our theatrical release is almost over and everyone still seems to like the film which i think has taken a lot of stress off me. The DVD came out yesterday so this is the last chance for this trailer to have any purpose. I feel like it was our best attempt to make something that truly represented the movie and as odd and uncomfortable as it makes me feel, I have decided to post in on here for whoever cares to see it.

Hope you enjoy.



Bellflower is available on Blu-ray and DVD now. You can purchase it from their website here: http://coatwolf.com/store.php

The store also has the poster and soundtrack available, but most importantly, you can now purchase your very own Medusa car, for a measly $250,000.00! According to the website, they don’t recommend it but if you have money to burn they will drop everything and make this awesome car for you and deliver it to you with a plaque mounted under the hood and a documentary filmed about the process posted on the website for all to see. I want someone to spend $250 big ones and buy this car! If only so I can see the process on the website. Hey, if you just want to buy the car and have it shipped to me, I’d be okay with that too.

by Angela Davis

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