The Walking Dead S2 E4 “Cherokee Rose”

Instead of splurging on action this week, Cherokee Rose took more of a character-development approach, giving us another week to contemplate the different complexities of the relationships within our group of survivors.  While some may see this as another slow episode for Season 2, I see it as a shining indication of what we can look forward to in the next nine episodes.

This week on The Walking Dead we are given development and movement in our characters.  This is something we have all been craving as our favorite survivors are slowly becoming what who we want them to be or who we suspected them to be.  Well, that is, except for Rick.  Really, who didn’t like this guy from the beginning, aside from a few lively forum trolls?  I thought it was odd timing for him to decide to put up the old sheriff badges this week.  He didn’t have any moving moral moments, nor difficult decisions that threw him from his serve-and-protect ethics.  I suppose they were trying to use the scene between he and Hershel as a motivator, making his putting away of the badges a symbol that he no longer wants to be looked up to as an authority, but over all it felt a little week.

On the other hand, Glen was given an episode to shine unlike any we’ve seen yet, T-Dog redeems himself, Shane is showing his true colors, Andrea’s bitchiness cranks down a notch, and Lori gets a surprise that we’ve known in our guts since Season 1.  Even Carol begins to change her tune as we see her coming to grips with the probability that Sophia won’t be found.  This week was definitely dedicated to Glen and Daryl, though.  Glen was allowed to shine, showing us and the other survivors that he’s still a valuable asset to the team, plus he’s given a love interest to boot.  Daryl yet again proved that he’s the redneck with a heart.  He seems tough on the outside, but we all know he has a heart of gold in there.  As usual, his character is put in such a light as to make him an easy favorite, which makes this girl worry about his welfare.

Amid all the character development in Cherokee Rose, we were offered up a new, creative zombie class — the “Well Walker”.  Basically, it’s a water-logged zombie, bloated and sluggish and all the more disgusting.  It’s refreshing to see that the writers are going out of their way to be as realistic as they can with their zombies, especially when it means not being afraid to use their imaginations.

The funny thing about The Walking Dead comic is that no character is ever really safe from being turned into zombie food or worse.  I am assuming the same will hold true with the TV series. That is why I’m suspicious about the overall likeability of our good buddy Daryl.  He is, after all, one of the last characters alive to be created exclusively for the show.  I’m honestly a little worried for his future with the show.  It may not be this season, it may not be next season, but I have that sinking feeling our Dear Daryl may not be with us always and forever.

Cherokee Rose isn’t an action-packed episode, but it was an important and much needed one none the less.  Some of these characters were in desperate need of a little revamp as this series has progressed.  Remember, this is only episode 4 out of 13, there is plenty of time for craziness, frighteningly tense action, and story twists.  In order to get there though, we need an episode or two like this one to give it legs to stand on.

I give Cherokee Rose a 4 out of 5.

Here’s a sneak peak at next week’s episode, “Chupacabra”.

by Rachael Edwards


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