Fall’s Biggest Disappointments

I don’t know whether many of you have noticed lately, but aside from a few posts early on in the fall season I have been silent.  This would be due to technical issues that were completely out of my control.  Okay, so yes it was stupid of me to drink a cup of hot tea laden with sugar and cream around my laptop, but hindsight people.  Hindsight.  What I didn’t know then that I do know now is that the universe wanted to protect me from having to sit through the television dreck that was about to come down the pipeline.

Somehow the universe knew that a show about dinosaurs, people traveling back in time, and dinosaurs would be such a snooze fest that 5 episodes in I would gladly and gleefully remove it from my DVR list.  If Terra Nova is granted a second season I’ll punch a baby (the previous statement does not reflect the views of Lost in Reviews and is solely at the discretion of the writer).  But seriously folks the show sucks.  All the ingredients for a hit show were there (granted the dinosaurs sucked but that can be forgiven) except one very important ingredient, emotional attachment.  I could care less if they nuked the whole damn planet.  Actually that might help because that would allow for a reboot and maybe then they could get some characters I care about.

 Which leads me to my next disappoint this television season, Person of Interest.  And I gotta say that for a girl who adores J.J. Abrams and currently has 3 of his produced shows in my DVD collection, this one hurt, a lot.  I still don’t know where the show failed to grab me.  Oh wait yes I do, it’s dull.  Ben Linus is dull.  If you need to take a moment to wrap your head around that, feel free to do so now.  Don’t worry I’ll wait.  The dude that played Christ is dull.  Possibly and only by the slimmest of margins the only thing about the show that isn’t dull is that guy who played the murderer on that one episode about the guy trying to murder that one person.  Crap I just described almost Every. Freaking. Cop. Show. Ever.   Yeah you get what I’m saying here people?

Of course if watching a show that you have seen a million times already isn’t good enough for you can always check out Pan Am.  Oh wait a minute I don’t think that show is on any more or is it?  Oh who cares?  Cause I sure don’t.  What does pain me is that when I first saw the pilot oh so very many months ago (before the hot tea incident) I was ready, able, and willing to give this show all the praise I could muster.  In fact, it was one of my favorites.  Sad how quickly they fall.  In case you’re wondering the reason The Playboy Club didn’t make this list is because that show sucked from the pilot.  But seriously folks Pan Am was pretty good, maybe not “Oh my gosh darn it, I can’t wait to see the next episode good” but DVR-worthy for sure.  Of course that was before they wasted the amazing Kelli Garner on what is possibly the cheesiest Cold War espionage storyline I have ever seen.  Hey ABC it’s not working, so give it up!  Plus they managed to take the second coolest thing about Scrubs: The New Class and make him so douchey that I feel like spitting at my TV every time he comes on.  My Michael Mosley deserves better.  About the only thing halfway decent about that show is Christina Ricci and I’m sorry the kick ass combo of Once Upon a Time & The Walking Dead win out every Sunday.  Yes I know Pan Am is on after both those shows but by then I don’t care.

Before NBC’s Grimm I would never have thought that it would be possible to make a procedural cop show out of the Grimm Fairy Tales.  Then again if you had told me that I might have been inclined to believe that the coolest cop show ever was about to debut.  Turns out I was right about the first one and wrong about the second.  Where Once Upon a Time manages to tap into the feeling of wonderment fairy tales brought with our childhoods with a just enough dark side thrown in to keep the adult in us watching; Grimm just leaves you feeling as though you have either watched the weirdest episode of CSI ever or that milk you had in your morning cereal was a couple of days past it’s expiration date.

So there you have the 4 biggest disappointments of the fall.  Maybe each of the shows mentioned above will get better.  Maybe they will surprise me.  Maybe like ABC’s Happy Endings I will find myself a year later an avid fan of the show.  Then again maybe I will have a maid named Rosie and go to work in a flying car.  Anything can happen.  Here’s to hoping the new spring shows set to debut in the next few months will blow fall out of the water.

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