The Top 15 Trailers of 2011

As the chief movie trailer chick here at Lost in Reviews, it is my duty to let you know which movie trailers in 2011 blew me away.  Hopefully, they are some of your favorites as well (if you are in to this kind of thing).  The following trailers are presented in no particular order.  You can click on the film’s title to get the complete description of the trailer, movie poster, synopsis, and release date.

1. Snow White and the Huntsman – This film is pretty much one of my most anticipated films to see in 2012.  I was curious to see a trailer, and they just about blew everyone away with this trailer.  The Evil Queen is the focus of the trailer, and we don’t get to see Snow White speak at all.  I hope they make a full trailer that is on the same level as this one.

2. The Dark Knight Rises – It is the last one in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.  It makes me sad to think there will not be another one after this.  All of the trailers for the entire series have been great.  Below are the teaser trailer and full trailer for the film.  I am pretty sure that the film will break some records when it comes out.  In the full trailer, I love that The Dark Knight theme starts playing when the title comes up at the end.  So. Much. Greatness.

3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – It is like seeing an old friend again.  That is what the upcoming film is like for me.  Obviously, those who put the trailer together recognized that, so there are plenty of recognizable faces in the trailer, even though the actors may only have small parts in the film.  We have about a year to wait for this come out, but I remember the trailers that came out for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  They were out well before the first film ever hit the theatres.  It is never to early to please the masses who await what hopefully will be a masterpiece like the others.  I do think the trailer is a bit too long.  It could have been a minute long and had the same kind of effect.  I would have expected a trailer of this length to come out about 6 months or less before the release.

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I was curious to see how director David Fincher would translate the book into film.  I have seen the film twice now, and he did really good.  The teaser is great, and the song that is used in the trailer is actually the same song that is used in the opening credits of the film.  The full trailer presents the story of the film since the teaser does not do much but flash scenes from the film.  Hopefully, we can look forward to the next two films in the series within a couple of years.

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 –  These are the last Harry Potter trailers and that is just not right.  *Sigh*  The first trailer did a great job of introducing some images in the beginning with a slower version of the Harry Potter theme.  The score used in the trailer is great because it translates the epicness of the film very well.  The second and last trailer shows scenes from the other films and translates the finality of the film well.  It builds up to the final battle scenes well.  I will miss this series!

6.  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – I only recently became aware of the trailers to this film.  I was highly impressed by the first trailer, a little less so of the second trailer.  I read a comment from another critic that said that the trailer was basically bait, playing with the emotions.  Hell, I think a trailer is fantastic if it can make you well up with tears in only two minutes and thirty seconds.  There are two hour films that can’t do that.

7.  War Horse – Like a lot of other films, I do not really get excited to see a film until a trailer manages to blow me away.  This is what happened with this film.  I have seen both of the trailers numerous times in the theatre and the film lives up to what is shown in the trailers.  The score in the trailers is the same music that is used in the film.  If you have not seen this film yet, please do so because it is worth seeing on the big screen.

8.  The Lorax – This makes my list because of the beautiful animation and it makes me laugh.  I am not much of a fan of the music used.  Not because of the song, but because it is too distracting and makes it kind of hard to hear the dialogue.  This may be one animated film I might actually have to see in the theatre.

9. The Muppets – These trailers made my list easily because of the brilliant marketing strategy of releasing numerous parody trailers that should win some sort of award.  I am just featuring one of them here, but there are many of them and you can find them on this site or on YouTube.

10. X-Men: First Class – I LOVE the X-Men films, so I was very happy to see this film on the horizon.  The trailers are brilliant because they echo the past films in the beginning and the music used is spot on.

11. John Carter – I do not know the story behind this film (it is based on a book), but just based off the first trailer, I got excited.  The music choice was spot on for the first trailer.  You don’t get much of a sense of the story other than a guy disappears and ends up on another planet, but it was enough to get me excited.  The second trailer definitely gives you more of a feel for the story as well as the creatures that will be seen in the film.  Other sites have been giving a lot of flack to this film and I have no idea why.  Everything I have seen of the film thus far is great.

12. We Need to Talk About Kevin – This trailer is put together fantastically, beginning with a happy song and happy moments and moving to a feeling of dread and horror.  I still have not seen this film and it should be out in Dallas sometime in January.

13. My Week with Marilyn – I do not think this film was on many people’s radars until this trailer came out.  Then it was a must see just to see how good Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe.

14. Anonymous – Considering this film is only set in present day for about ten minutes of the film, I thought the trailer did an excellent job of presenting a period piece in a more modern way.  I really liked the ink blots and the CGI scenes that set the tone for the scope of the film.  I saw this the first day it was out here in Dallas and I found it very detailed and well done.

15. Water for Elephants – This is specifically for the international trailer that used a beautiful song.  It set some great scenes to the music and easily made it one of my favorite trailers of the year even though it came out in January.

Hope you enjoyed my list, and please comment if you think I have left any trailers out of the list that should be on here.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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