Lost in Previews: The City Dark

The City Dark is a documentary on light pollution, the disappearance of darkness from our daily lives, and how that affects us and the world around us.  I have been to Tanzania, and traveling to a remote area where no large city is near, gives new meaning to word dark.  If you shut off all the lights, you could honestly not what was five feet in front of you.  It is also nice to see the stars, and we often do not look up at night and see what we are missing.

“THE CITY DARK chronicles the disappearance of darkness. The film follows filmmaker (and amateur astronomer) Ian Cheney, who moves to New York City from Maine and discovers an urban sky almost completely devoid of stars. Posing a deceptively simple question–“What do we lose, when we lose the night?”–the film leads viewers on a quest to understand how light pollution affects people and the planet. In six chapters weaving together cutting-edge science with personal, meditative sequences reflecting on the human relationship to the sky, THE CITY DARK shines new light on the meaning of the dark.”

The City Dark is in theatres now.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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