Kanrocksas Will Not Return in 2012

Sad news came today for fans of the Kanrocksas Music Festival, as it appears the fest will not return for a second run in 2012. Though promises of a bigger and better show in 2013 have been made, we will have to wait until next year to see if our dreams of a sequel to Kanrocksas come true. Check out the press release and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Press Release Kansas City, 2/21/12 – Due to a major construction project at  Kansas Speedway® during the summer of 2012, Kanrocksas Music Festival will not return until 2013. Following the successful inaugural Kanrocksas Music Festival at Kansas Speedway® in August 2011, and after a lengthy evaluation process, festival organizers have decided to spend 2012 working with local and national music communities to plan the second Kanrocksas Music Festival for summer 2013. To amplify the momentum created by the first-year festival, organizers will continue to grow and expand the brand with big-name acts, added amenities and trending technological features.

In 2011, festival-goers from across the nation and around the globe attended Kanrocksas Music Festival spurred by big name headliners Eminem and Muse, along with national and local musicians representing virtually every genre. As the first major music event to take place at Kansas Speedway®, festival organizers succeeded in creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Kanrocksas is committed to continuing to provide a fan friendly environment, including free onsite parking and camping, for the 2013 event while focusing on enhancing the traditional festival experience.

By Ryan Daivs

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