Lost in Previews: Darling Companion

Darling Companion is a film about what happens to bring a family and their friends together in search of a lost dog.  The dog seems to be a catalyst for those involved to examine their lives and how happy they are.  The main characters are played by Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline.  They are in a loveless marriage with the husband too busy with his career to care much for anything else.  While part drama, it certainly has some funny moments and a cute dog.  The film also stars Dianne Wiest, Richard Jenkins, Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass, Ayelet Zurer, and Sam Shepard.  The film is directed by Lawrence Kasdan.

“On the side of a busy freeway, a woman finds the love, devotion, commitment, and courage she needs – all wrapped up in a bloodied stray dog who becomes her “darling companion.” When the beloved canine goes missing, a shaggy-dog search adventure plays out, drawing together friends and family and rekindling a lifelong love.”

Darling Companion is in NY and LA on April 20, 2012 with a wider release to follow.

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