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The latest track from Ducky “Overdose” is an entrancing melody that might take you a bit to get used to, but once you catch on to the evolving loop you’ll be hooked. Give the track a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.





Press Release:

Neiman’s sweet but skillful vocals backed by electro-pop beats provide substance to the dance genre, well-suited for the club goer with a conscience or the broken-hearted casual dubstep listener.” – Interview Magazine

Ain’t nothing to duck with. – CMJ 

Ducky, aka Morgan Neiman, has released her new EP,

The Whether, today! Receiving support from Interview Magazine and CMJ to CBS Interactive’s “The Street Date,” the new record blends ethereal vocals, grinding beats, and dark mantras of loss and resentment to create her unique brand of sophisticated pop. To celebrate the release, Ducky created a series of striking videos to accompany each track, allowing listeners to have a visually-stimulating experience of her music. Head to to check out the complete collection of videos. She has also unleashed the MP3 for “Overdose,” an understated track made up of chilling vocals over a single, steady beat.

The Whether EP’s first single, “Like Rain,” features Ducky’s eerie vocals over a give-and-take of synths. As its title suggests, “I Want To Die” is a full of dark lyrics, and the distorted sounds that echo through its background set a mysterious tone. “Mouths Like Sidewinder Missles” naturally closes the EP with building drums and a ghostly redemptive melody ending unresolved. With a powerful voice and producer’s instinct, Ducky has established herself as an artist whose genre-bending sound is distinctly her own. The Whether EP is now available on Ducky’s bandcamp and will also be available on iTunes.

Making music since she was 13 years old, Ducky has shared the stage with the likes ofJapanther, Ninjasonk, Fool’s Gold’s Party Supplies Danny Brown, developing her own distinct style of songwriting and production, which stand strong with equal parts virtuosity and pluck.

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