SXSW Preview: Hunters

Hunters may be a difficult band to track down on the internet, but they are absolutely worth the effort. The fledgling group from New York City wasn’t jarred by the swelling crowd the night I saw them in Kansas City; instead they took to the stage like they had been there many times before. Lead Singer Isabel Almeida convulsed violently to Derek Walson’s distorted guitar as the band burned through songs like “Noisy Bitch.” These erratic actions immediately captured the crowd’s attention, sending most into a frenzy of excitement.

To describe Hunters’ sound one would have to be able find the definition of teenage angst, something that most over the age of 20 may be out of touch with. Isabel once described the song “Deadbeat” as a method of communication between her and co-vocalist Derek even though the song’s lyrics mostly consist of a melody of ‘I want it, I need it’ the frustration is communicated clearly. If whaling guitars and in-your-face vocals sounds like a good night to you then Hunters is your band, I know they certainly are what I have been looking for.

You can find out more information about the band at, but for now give their album Hands on Fire a spin and add them to your SXSW Schedule.

By Ryan Davis

Photo By Matt Cook

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