SXSW Spotlight: Sleepy Sun

If you’re already familiar with the Northern California band Sleepy Sun you may want to reassess your thoughts on their sound. The psychedelic group’s 2009 effort  Embrace and follow-up Fever were just the trip before the overwhelming high that is the band’s upcoming album Spine Hits. I know what you’re thinking, and everyone hates it when a good band changes their sound, but this time around it’s done right. The band feels more connected and polished on the new record. While the basic psychedelic sound is still there, songs like “She Rex” have a more radio friendly touch. You can tell that the band has grown over the years and are ready to take hold of a whole new landscape of their career.

As a fan of the band’s earlier endeavors I was elated with the new album and all that more excited to see the band perform at this year’s SXSW. While Sleepy Sun was on my list of bands to see before hearing Spine Hits, they are now a “must see” after the album takes hold. If you haven’t seen the band live then you’re in for a real delight, because everything that I’ve ever heard from Sleepy Sun is just that much better in person. The guitar work by Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss is a thing of beauty that only adds to the lingering sounds of  Bret Constantino’s voice, amplifying a feeling that can only be expressed through sound. While I was sad to hear that Co-Lead Singer Rachel Fannan had left the band, it’s obvious now that it sparked some kind of change for the better. I would highly suggest that you add the band to your SXSW schedule and I hope to see you at a showcase in Austin.

Sleepy Sun’s new album Spine Hits will be available on April 9th, so for now check out the new trailer for the album.

By Ryan Davis

Photo By Tom Stone

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