Review: Syndicate

In the not so distant future, top companies have produced “Dart” chips, which are installed into humans. These chips make globally synchronizing electronics easier. Companies compete and fight to gain control over the best product, and will do anything to stop the others. You work for EuroCorp, one of the biggest merged businesses around. Your name is Kilo and you have some business to take care of that only you can handle. Whether it’s hacking into a computer system or into an enemy’s head, you can handle that!

There was one thing that really made this SciFi thriller fun to play: the ability to control someone with your  mind/computer chip. This has many uses, such as making an NPC fight on your side until there are no enemies left, or causing them to backfire and take higher bullet damage. You can even induce suicide, causing their chip to overdrive and grab a grenade and blow themselves up and anyone around them. These functions come in handy during strategic battles, where using your brain will be more effective than your gun. This helped put the game on a different level of thinking and fighting. These features boost the gameplay to more than your average shooter.

The plot of the game is pretty simple, your company wants to be the best, so take out the rest. Soon the plot thickens from, “Who’s the mole leaking information?” to, “Oh shit! This is one big ass conspiracy!” You may even begin to question who you are and why you’re here in the first place. The game eventually gives you more details about “Kilo”, the main character. It was nice to have the bad ass feeling without having someone directly tell me I’m a “Bad Mofo”. You get to discover that on your own! From the first execution, to the epic boss fights, the game lets you get in the pilot seat and take it for a ride.

Altogether, the campaign was a very good length to enjoy. You could rent the game and beat it in a week of casual play, or go out and buy it to get plenty of play time and re-play time from it. The graphics worked out very well with this game and its visual style. Syndicate boasts beautiful cutscene videos and no lag during play. This is definitely a game to play with an HD setting, to get the real sensation of the futuristic style. Though I must say, my favorite part was the soundtrack to this game. Nero…If that doesn’t ring a bell, do yourself a favor and look him up on Youtube! Having fight scenes with dubstep in the background, truly envelops the player in its SciFi environment.

Syndicate’s multiplayer was another fun and creative way to enjoy the game. It has several mulitplayer modes, including 4 player co-op missions, where you have to go retrieve objectives or defend against enemies. You get to customize each loadout and weapons with the XP points you earn from gamelpay. The most fascinating part of multiplayer is the “Syndicate” mode. You actually form a group and watch your stats rise around the world against other competitors! This, to me, was a fun way to keep replay value high and maintain the player’s interest.

To wrap things up here, go out and get this fun thriller game. It doesn’t take to long to beat, but it gives you a rich story to keep you involved from beginning to end. The fantastic graphics and soundtrack that accompany the story change this from a SciFi shooter into a game to be reckoned with. Fun multiplayer, Great single player.  What are you waiting for?! Go get this game!

I give Syndicate 5 “Chips” out of 5

By Luke Wyatt


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