Radiohead Plays Sprint Center

For those that have written off Radiohead as a band to see live, when in fact, they have only seen them live at festivals haven’t actually seen Radiohead. As you may have read from my St. Louis review of Radiohead, the stage was set to impress. The stage maneuvered for every song with screens that dropped from the rafters to various heights with visuals of each of the members from crazy angles. This time, I took in the show from the floor. Which, for my height, was not a good idea. Apparently Kansas City has some of the tallest Radiohead fans in existence as no matter where I moved to, two or three tall men blocked my view. However, the show still sounded amazing.

The set was packed with favorites this time around. Songs like “Idioteque” and “Everything in its Right Place” sent the crowd into a frenzy. The band played a lot of songs from the new album, The King of Limbs, and songs that I felt really got the crowd moving the best were “Morning Mr. Magpie”, “Lotus Flower” and “Give Up the Ghost”. Thom felt playful on stage as he made jokes about things going wrong with the screens. At one point, he just spouted off about things being random and then then going into their new song, “Identikit” the screens were not coming on in coordination with the song. He stopped the song, got someone to fix it, then stated that he was going to start that song over because he loved to play it.

Later in the set, Ed leaned over and whispered something into Thom’s ear. A couple of minutes later, Thom announced that they decided they had to play “Myxomatosis” for us. Having had a peek at the set-list earlier, I know that this song was not originally slated to be played that night. I love the song, so had no qualms about hearing it again. However, it did end up changing the final encore list of songs played. The original set-list said the band would play “Give up the Ghost” “Paranoid Android” and close out with “Street Spirit”. The thought of hearing “Street Spirit” live sent chills down my spine. However, because of the minor screen distractions and the addition of “Myxomatosis”, “Street Spirit” was cut.

Having seen Radiohead multiple times now, nothing could really make this a bad show for me. So instead I’ll give you the opinion of my friend I brought with me. He had never seen Radiohead live and only became a fan after hearing “Everything in its Right Place” on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack. He was amazed at how brilliant they sounded live and stated that he heard all of his favorite songs from “Everything in its Right Place” to “Paranoid Android” to “How to Disappear Completely”. I think it was safe to say that most had an amazing night in Kansas City. While I will say that the night seemed a bit more lively in St. Louis and the set-list a tad more rare, Kansas City’s show was nothing to smirk at. It had its own identity and moved to its own beat. The night seemed very chill and laid back as compared to St. Louis. I never saw Ed jumping around on stage in Kansas City, but Thom was more talkative with the crowd in Kansas City. He even made mention of “The Daily Mail” being a song that was about or dedicated to Rupert Murdoch.

Other Lives opened for Radiohead again and they were fantastic. They seem to be getting a good grip of their set with each night they play. Once again, the gang packed into one corner of the stage. I recognize now that Radiohead has a lot of equipment on the stage that they had to work around. Other Lives has their fair share of musical instruments as well. Again, I’m urging everyone to take some time and listen to their newest album, Tamer Animals, which is available now from their website The band meshed really well with the Radiohead fans. Sometimes, you can get stuck watching an opener that has nothing in common with the main act you are there to see. This was not the case. Many of the people I know who attended the KC show confirmed with me after the show that Other Lives is definitely someone to watch and someone they were going to look into. Overall, it was another fantastic night with Radiohead and Other Lives. If this tour is coming to a town near you, you would be foolish not to go.


15 Step
Morning Mr. Magpie
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
All I Need
Pyramid Song
Daily Mail
Super Collider
Lotus Flower
There There
How To Disappear Completely
Encore 1
Myxomatosis (last minute addition)
Encore 2
Everything in its Right Place
Give up the Ghost
Paranoid Android
(Supposed to play Street Spirit)

story and photos by Angela Davis

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