SXSW Music: Dead Sara

I may have said it before, but one of the greatest parts about SXSW is to actually be able to just walk down any street in Austin
and overhear some great music that just lures you in. It’s an odd feeling-a feeling of wait a minute. This is not right; it can’t be right.
Just five minutes ago I was disappointed at the fact that the band I had originally intended to see already had a full venue and I have a fuck chance to see them. However, now just a few bars down the street you investigate an intriguing sound and find a band that dances with your soul, and hell, this is most likely better than the band you intended to see. As of this moment, I am going to call it the cosmic fate of SX or maybe just luck, dumb luck.
Who knows?

Today I had one of the best experiences of this cosmic dumb luck. I was walking down some street when I heard an amazing sound. A crowd was drawn in around the patio of the bar. I walked up and started watching a band that I would later find out was called Dead Sara. The band was made up of singer Emily Armstrong, guitarist Siouxsie Medley, bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday. The first thing I noticed about the band was just how much they rocked. I mean hell, they attracted an entire bar full of people and the sidewalk as well, and all you could hear from the people was the question, “Holy hell, who is this?”. Dead Sara brought so much energy to the game, and it was raw screams that make you want want to loosen up your shoulders and bounce. When it comes to music, this is the desired effect if you ask me. Dead Sara also puts off hints of punk with a cynical commentary from Emily Armstrong between songs. Dead Sara really holds a balance between beautiful punk rock without going over the waterfall into metal. I do have to say, and maybe it is common in L.A. where the band is from, but I have never seen any female vocalist kick so much ass on stage. I have seen a band that was not already popular and familiar with crowd control demand so much respect, and hell I even got sucked into it and I have always been good at avoiding popular hype. Dead Sara is the real deal and they are going to be on the Warped Tour so make sure you check out the best band I have seen at SXSW so far.

by Josh Davis


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