SXSW Music: Follow That Bird at Headhunters

Alright, let’s get the facts straight. Beautiful ladies rocking out on guitars and drums is an amazing sight, but its even better when they are actually talented. There is no better example of this than Follow that Bird. Follow that Bird was one of the bands playing opening night of the SXSW music section. They played at Headhunters, and to be honest I almost didn’t stay because of the band that played before them. More specifically, that band’s bass player who kept walking off stage and screaming in your face, “Yeah…bump it” as he reached his arm out with a closed fist. On one hand, good for him. He was having a great time and I was not going to take that away from him by not “bumping it.” That would be bad SXSW manner if there is such a thing. But on the other hand, it may have been taking it too far when instead of playing what I consider pop music of the future, he was standing over by the bathroom door waiting to fist bump anyone who came out. But anyway, I am getting sidetracked. I came here to type about Follow the Bird.

Follow that Bird played a great set with music that I would call general rock, but what makes FTB stand out is the unique drum patterns and the amazing voice of Lauren Green, and I mean amazing. She is definitely not a one-trick pony. Green has an unlimited range from the clarity and grace of a choir singer to the intensified scream of a seasoned rocker. This gives the band a wide palate to work with. The only problem was the microphone at Headhunters that kept going in and out. It became so bad at certain points during the 30 minute set that you could not hear any vocals, but in the times you could hear the sound coming though in a balanced way, it was evident that this band had something to offer. It was sometime during the third song of their set that I noticed that Headhunters, even with microphone problems, had gone from a quarter full to completely full. FTB still managed to draw a crowd in and satisfy them. When everything was said and done and the set was over the band received a warm applause. FTB is a band that all of the Austin locals should be proud of and everyone else should check out. I say SXSW approved and I say goodnight.

by Josh Davis


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