SXSW Music: What To See Today

The biggest buzz around Austin is that the Boss is in town. Now, as much as we would all love to get into a free Bruce Springsteen show tonight, that’s probably not going to be the case for most of us. I’m here to offer you solace. There are plenty of other awesome acts going on around town and you should definitely go to one, two or as many as you can cram in, of these shows tonight.

At 8:00 PM:

The Shins will be playing at Auditorium Shores Stage (Lady Bird Lake). Now, granted this will be a big, busy show as well, chances are if you line up early enough, you have a good chance of getting in. The same cannot be said for Bruce. I mean, he is the Boss.

Fiona Apple will play Central Presbyterian Church. Normally, I wouldn’t condone seeing anyone sing in a church, however, this is a fantastic opportunity to see a beautiful voice in an gorgeous, intimate setting. In fact, you should see anyone that plays in such a small, physically charming location.

At 9:00 PM:

Guards is back this year and will be playing at ND, presented by The Windish Agency. I’ve seen this group play a couple of times and they get better every time! Richie James Follin is the lead singer of the group and the big brother to Cults singer Madeline Follin, who is also in Austin currently. If you love Cults, you will just fall over with joy for Guards.

Love Inks has been on my To Do list for a while now. They will be playing in the Victorian Room at The Driskill. I can’t think of a more romantic place to see this band. “Love Inks is a minimalist pop band from Texas. Their sound is imbued with raw emotion, sexuality, and splashes of electronic colour. Focus is placed primarily on the voice, which is direct and honest.” I’ve been listening to the album on repeat and cannot miss seeing them live.

At 10:00 PM:

The Curious Mystery caught my attention with their weirder than anything video for “Black Sand.” However, listening to the song, you can really get a vibe for these guys and I would love to vibe in person with them. They will be playing a 40 minute psychedelic set at The Bat Bar, which is on 6th.

Purity Ring is actually a duo I caught in Kansas City a while ago. Canadian’s Megan James and Corin Roddick are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They will be playing at the Central Presbyterian Church as well. Since I am still waiting on an album release from them, seeing them live again will be my only alleviation of this craving.

At 10:30 PM:

Bear In Heaven will play Mohawk Patio again. It’s going to take all my strength and probably the physical restraints of another to keep me from dropping everything and going to this show again. I have seen these guys twice now and just LOVE them. I reviewed their Tuesday night show here. Seriously, their new album, I Love You, It’s Cool is amazing and comes off brilliantly live. Go see them!

At 10:45 PM:

Go see Grimes play at Central Presbyterian Church. In fact, it’s shaping up that we should just stay at the church for the night. Look that this awesome line up we have going! Here is a spotlight we did on little miss young thing Grimes. I hate to say she’s going to be the next big thing, because that’s so cliche, but she certainly has it figured out already and is working her hardest to be noticed. Give her the attention she deserves.

At 11: 00 PM:

The Black Angels couldn’t let SXSW happen without them playing at least one show. I mean they’re from Austin anyway, why not? They will be playing an intense 40 minute set at Empire Automotive on 7th. Just listening to “Entrance Song” you can tell these guys have been doing what they do for a while now. There’s no fault in that. It will only be your fault if you don’t go see these guys blow your psychedelic mind.

Tennis is a new one for me. The small group met in college in Denver and swore to leave it all behind to make beautiful music. It’s actually romantic if you think about it. They played last night at Carson Daly’s showcase to a well-received crowd. Don’t miss your chance to see them live at Club de Ville, one of my favorite Austin bars.

At Midnight:

Now, if you can stay up this late, we’ve got some good ones. The Temper Trap will play at Stubb’s to what is sure to be a packed house. Born and raised in Australia, now residing in London, this group has always had a good buzz around them. I saw them two years ago at SXSW and still remember it vividly. The group is working on a new album now, so if we are lucky, we might hear a few new songs they are ready to test out. Go see them at Stubb’s with what will surely be an awesome lineup with others like Girls, Saint Motel and Kaiser Chiefs.

Friends is another newbie for me hailing from Brooklyn. It was actually recommended to me by another band. When bands recommend other bands, I listen. They will be playing The Parish on 6th. The pop group could be compared to a Gwen Stefani side project.

Last, but not least for this wonderful day turned to late, late night is the fantastic duo that is Tenacious D. Jack Black is currently in Austin doing interviews and red carpets for his latest film premiering here, Bernie. Tenacious D will be schooling the audience at Haven at 409 Colorado St. and you can bet that this show will be packed. But come on, how many times have you been able to see The D live and in person? For me, none. This is their only show, that I can find, and is well worth the late night venture out to the club. Do yourself a favor and order yourself a four piece nugget and a half coke half diet coke after the show, because you’re trying to watch your figure after all.

by Angela Davis

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