An Interview With Denver’s VibeSquaD

Currently touring with Bassnectar on the Vava Voom Tour, Denver native VibeSquaD (born Aaron Holstein) knows how to slay a crowd with his killer dubstep beats and lots of heavy bass. With the release of his full-length studio album, Orphan Alien Part 2 (VibeSquaD Recordings), VibeSquaD’s work ethic shows nary a sign of slowing down. Lost In caught up with VibeSquaD after his recent show (which we reviewed here) to talk shop. Here’s how it went…

With all of the emerging electronic artists coming up in today’s music scene, how do you separate yourself from the rest and keep the fans hungry for more?

VibeSquaD: I have always had a great enthusiasm for new music. It’s awesome that there are so many people producing these days. I just keep doing my thing and constantly producing new music and learning about the technology I use. I’m in it for good, so I just stay on my grind and enjoy the process. I’m as excited now about making new music as ever.
What artist inspires you to push forward?

VibeSquaD: At this point, too many to name…
Where do you see electronic music in five years?

VibeSquaD: I can’t claim to know. That’s what’s fun about this! I look forward to being surprised and entertained as new styles emerge. I want to keep discovering things.
How did this Bassnectar tour come about?

VibeSquaD: We are old friends. I used to play in a band called Zilla from Colorado and we played live, improvised, electronic-inspired music. When I discovered Lorin’s music, I approached him to do shows with Zilla. We did a whole tour together six or seven years ago. I was really honored to get the call from him to play all of these shows [on the Vava Voom Tour]. It’s going really well…
You play a diverse array of instruments, but what is your “go to” tool?

VibeSquaD: I would say, computers and keyboards are. I play everything in my tracks with MIDI keyboard controllers. I’m pretty much a recovering guitar player at this point. [laughs]

What was the moment that sticks out in your mind as the time you broke through?

VibeSquaD: One night on that Zilla/Bassnectar tour, I got to play the afterparty in Ashland, Oregon, as VibeSquaD. Lorin played it too, along with Sub Swara and ill.Gates (then known as the Phat Conductor). When I got to play, I was nervous as hell, to put it mildly, and all of the DJs were standing in the booth behind me. I dropped my set and folks went bananas! [laughs] I played “Dome Piece” for the first time. Our friends who had never heard my music before were screaming. I had goosebumps. Something definitely happened that night.
Do you prefer the small clubs or the large festivals? Is electronic music more about intimacy or a sea of flowing hands?

VibeSquaD: I like both. Indoors is fun and sweaty, and outdoors has a completely different but great vibe to it. I like the variety.

I’ve heard you talk about your psych rock influence, with psych rock also in the middle of a re-emergence. Any thoughts about an electronic psychedelic album?

VibeSquaD: To me, all of the stuff I do is electronic psychedelic music! [laughs] I’m definitely doing more vocals and playing some guitar and bass in the studio….but I’m in love with electronic music.


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By Ryan Davis

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