Marcus Foster at The Prophet Bar

In Dallas, Deep Ellum is known as a one of the greatest places to discover new up and coming talent. This past Thursday (April 5th) was no exception for me.  The intimate atmosphere of The Prophet Bar was the venue for a stop on the Marcus Foster Tour.  Going into this, I was familiar with Marcus’ music simply from the video for “I Was Broken.” I picked up a link off of some various pop culture sites that Kristen Stewart was in the new music video.  Entering this show with that info in my mind, I expected a room full of Twihards, but was instead immersed into a room full of adult women that were extremely vocal fans.

The stage is a small one in the back corner of a narrow room.  The setup was simple, Marcus with both an electric and acoustic guitar and Jack backing him up on a keyboard.  As the set started, I noticed I was one of the few in the crowd not singing along.  Marcus had instant energy on the stage.  This boy feels what he is singing to the tips of his toes, and it shows in the many twitches of his body and expressions that cross his face.  His music itself is hard to categorize, which in interviews he has mentioned he is trying to avoid.  The closest thread I could compare it to would be in the lines of Van Morrison.  He had songs that were sweet and sentimental, and songs that made you want to move.  I was thoroughly impressed with his guitar playing and was completely won over by his voice. His rendition of “I Was Broken” was beautiful and heartfelt.

As the show continued and the energy of the crowd increased, so did Marcus’. By the end of the hour long set, he had worked up quite a sweat and had the women in the crowd going wild.  I was greatly amused with his polite, yet slightly indifferent response to the catcalls in between songs.  His banter and stories of life “on the road,” including the longest drive ever from his last show in Phoenix that only allowed for a few hours of sleep while parked in the car, added to his approachability. I am a huge fan of live music period, but watching someone that is good and is giving it everything they’ve got is the perfect recipe for creating fans and giving them an experience they love.  Marcus has this down and I would love to see how this is brought to a whole new level as he gains success in the music industry.

Review and Photos by Reanna Streater-Nunn

*Do not use these photos without permission.  All are copyrighted to Reanna.

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