Sam McPheeters book reading in KC, Lawrence

Sam McPheeters is a man of as many trades as he is tirades. In his youth, McPheeters fronted the seminal political hardcore band Born Against, followed in later years by Men’s Recovery Project and Wrangler Brutes. For twelve years, he headed up the Vermiform Records label as an outlet to release not only the fruit of his own labors, but other influential if not extremely niche acts such as Rorschach and Moss Icon. The man is also an artist, having created full-color art for a healthy dose of albums, flyers, and the cover of his own recently released debut novel.

Sam McPheeters. Singer, songwriter, small business owner, artist, journalist and fiction writer. A pretty hefty list of accomplishments from someone who penned lyrics as poignant as the pro-choice “Mary & Child” to as, erm… eloquent as “Jock Gestapo.” McPheeters has risen to prominence with a new generation in the last three years with his Brutality Report column on Vice, and earlier this month published The Loom of Ruin through Mugger Books.

Loom is a 265-page novel about a Los Angeles man named Trang Yang who, already angry from the beginning, devolves into a violent, paranoid hysteria. You can read three chapters here, but one must purchase a copy to find out what happens next. McPheeters is currently making a seven week, cross-country trek that concludes in L.A., but not before making a stop in our metro. On May 19th, you can meet the man and hear him read excerpts from Loom, first at 2:00pm at Love Garden in Lawrence, then at 7:00 at the Windhorse Gallery in Kansas City’s Crossroads district — 1717 Wyandotte, suite 200.


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