AMC unveils first Breaking Bad Season 5 poster!

How awesome is that?! It perfectly describes how the next season will play out. Real quick, just in case you’re reading this and aren’t caught up, SPOILER ALERT:  it perfectly encapsulates Walter’s infinite loneliness. No family, no friends, and now with Gus out of the picture, no enemies (for now.. ::cough:: Jesse). What’s left for him to do but sit with stacks of meth and all the money, by himself. Alone. I LOVE IT!

For my money, Breaking Bad is the greatest television show ever made. At the end of every season, I find myself asking “How will the next season be able to top that? There’s no way”, and then sure enough the next season rolls around and put the last one to shame. Am I excited for the fifth and final season? That’s like asking me “Hey dude is the sky blue?” Um, yeah. Between the premiere of Breaking Bad and the release of The Dark Knight Rises in July, I’m going to need a lot of Gatorade, because I’ll be so dehydrated from hyperventilating at all of the awesomeness. And then the tears. Definitely the tears. I’m bound to go all Sanjaya Girl over here.

Are you excited for the final season of Breaking Bad? Let me know in the comments, because I love gushing about this show.

By Richard Pepper

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