Kevin Smith in Austin and San Antonio to Support “Bindlestiffs”

Kevin Smith, Andrew Edison, and Luke Loftin will be on the road making appearances to support the new film, Bindlestiffs.  They will be in San Antonio, TX on June 17th and in Austin, TX on June 18th.

To purchase tickets to these screenings, please go to the SModcast website (

UPDATE June 12th: The events have been rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts.  If you have bought tickets, they will automatically be transferred to the new date when it is announced.  You will receive notice of the new date when it is known.

“Three smart-mouthed high school virgins, suspended from school on a graffiti charge, flee tothe inner city to live out the plot of The Catcher in the Rye – a book they neither read norunderstand. BINDLESTIFFS documents their struggles along the way as they surrender theirvirginities to vagrants, prostitutes, and crack fiends. Hot on their tail is Charlie, the deranged school security guard. Under the impression that the boys are planning a school shooting, he takes the law into his own hands to stop them and save America.”

by Sarah Ksiazek

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