Lost In Previews: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #4

Just when you thought that all trailers had been released for The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros pops out a FOURTH one. And this one is quite the doozie. While the last three trailers have been pretty atmospheric, this one is action packed.

Three reason’s to freak the F out over this new trailer:

1. “I’m not afraid. I’m angry.”  Seriously. How BA is that delivery, followed by that shot of Bane on that catwalk?

2. The score!  This thing sounds absolutely phenomenal and could potentially even top the score for The Dark Knight.

3. Bane vs. Batman. There is quite a bit of footage of what could possibly be the battle where Bane “breaks” Batman, and it looks amazing.

As of today, there is literally a solid month until the midnight showings. I am unbelievably excited. If you see it at midnight, and you hear someone hyperventilating, there are either two possibilities. 1, Batman is actually in the theater mouth-breathing, cause, you know, he’s got no nose holes or something? or 2, it’s just me passing out from the excitement. If it is, just come tell me to shut up. If it’s Batman, yeah just tell him to shut up too.

By Richard Pepper

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