Bat For Lashes debut new single “Laura”

So I’d say I’m a fairly big fan of Bat For Lashes (also known as Natasha Khan). Her last album wound up on my Top Albums Of 2009 list because of it’s awesome 80s synth pop vibes, and just because the shit was good. Like RILL good. The first single from her new album titled The Haunted Man, called “Laura” threw me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting a minimalist piano tune. I mean, she’s done minimalist piano tracks previously, but this sounds different somehow. It sounds great, though. Hauntingly beautiful. I’m very interested in hearing the rest of the album now, to see just how much of a shift in sound she has taken with the project. I’ve got a bit of a wait ahead of me, though!

The Haunted Man is released on October 23.

1. Lilies
2. All Your Gold
3. Horses of the Sun
4. Oh Yeah
5. Laura
6. Winter Fields
7. The Haunted Man
8. Marilyn
9. A Wall
10. Rest Your Head
11. Deep Sea Diver

Below you’ll find the also hauntingly beautiful music video for “Laura”:


By Richard Pepper

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