CRAIGSLIST JOE Opens In Theatres and VOD on August 2nd

Need a pick me up? Need a film that shows that humanity still exist in a country consumed by social networking, purchases and the political debates? Starting August 2nd, you can go to a theatre near you or order Craigslist Joe on video on demand and experience that pick me up. Craigslist Joe is a documentary of a man who will spend 30 days traveling the country with no one to help him but the people he can reach on Craigslist. No money, no food, no phone numbers to fall back on. It looks really interesting and inspiring. I would suggest you see this one out on August 2nd, 2012.

CRAIGSLIST JOE is available on the following Satellite/ Cable Providers:

Blue Ridge Communications, Bright House, Charter Communications, Comcast Xfinity, COX, DirecTV VOD, Insight, Mediacom, RCN, Sudden Link, Time Warner Cable, Verizon

CRAIGSLIST JOE is available on the following Broadband Providers:

iTunes, amazon Video, Blockbuster On Demand, CinemaNow, PlayStation, Vudu, XBOX, Zune

CRAIGSLIST JOE will open at the following New York area theatre on August 2nd:

Landmark Sunshine Cinema (143 East Houston Street, New York, NY)

CRAIGSLIST JOE will open at the following Los Angeles area theatre on August 3rd:

Laemmle Music Hall Town Center 5 (9036 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA)


When the country’s economy and sense of community was crumbling, one guy left everything behind to see if he could survive solely off the goodwill of America’s new town square: Craigslist.

America is a wealthy, diverse and technologically sophisticated country – yet some say we’ve lost the sense of community that used to carry us through tough times. Today it’s every person for themselves. Have we become so caught up in our own lives that we don’t notice life outside of our bubble? 29-year-old filmmaker Joseph Garner decides to find out. He cuts himself off from everyone he knows and everything he owns, to embark on an adventure. For 31 days and nights, Joe will live entirely off the alms of America’s new town square: Craigslist. From transportation to food, shelter and companionship, Joe depends solely on the generosity of people he meets through this massive digital swap meet.

Available in Theaters and On Demand August 2nd

Watch the official trailer:

Check out the official website:


CRAIGSLIST JOE has a running time of 90 minutes

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